CELPIP Writing Sample Test Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

You live in a small city. City administration is planning to allocate funds for two possible projects.

Your City is funding ONE of the given projects :

Option A: Bike Lanes: Planning to build new separate lanes for bikers
Option B: Renovate gym: Planning to add a swimming pool and spa centre in an existing gym

I would like to opine in favour of option B, as this seems to be a better and a convincing choice for me. Even though, option A is almost equally appealing. I would like to present a couple of reasons to support my argument. To begin with, this development will help the city residents to save a good sum of money from outrageous amounts they pay to some private gym to enjoy those wonderful facilities. According to a survey conducted last year, concluded that the city residents spent over $50 million to a private gym membership. This ridiculous amounts could be channelled into supporting the local gym which would gradually increase revenue for the government as the government might tend to charge considerable amounts for the users. Moreover, people tend to live in cities where there are such facilities. Therefore, the facility will attract people from all works of life to the city. Consequently, collapsing businesses will be reestablished and boomed again for the presence of people. Having discussed all the arguments, I believe option B would be more beneficial. Again, this is my personal opinion but will support whatever decision is made. Thank you for giving me a chance to make input on this matter