CELPIP Writing Sample Test Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

Your university is conducting survey to know how many work hours should be permitted to students in a week time. The University has sent out an opinion survey to see what students think about it.

Question Title:

Weekly working hours for Students :

Option A: Less than 15 hours per week in a single job.
Option B: More than 20 hours per week with all multiple jobs hours added.

To whom it may concern, In my opinion, less than 15 hours per week in a single job would be a better choice. Even though more working hours might improve the students' life financially, less working hours offers more practical benefits. My first reason is having fewer hours of working might result in more concentration on the study and improve the quality of their performances and researches. Secondly, I believe having less focus on making money would increase their paste of study and results in graduation much faster which could benefit both student and society. For instance, if they need to spread their time between teaching and learning they would pay less attention to their study and if they are not being given enough time to fulfil both tasks they would sacrifice their study because they are being paid for the job and they should cover every single task related to that job. Considering these reasons, I think less working hours is a better choice but this is a personal preference and I would suggest whatever decision is made.