Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

You are working in a company offering IT services. Your company is conducting survey to know ways to improve working environment. There are two options :

Job satisfaction survey :

Option A:Give a salary hike to all the employees on the basis of experience.
Option B: Give a salary hike to all the employees on the basis of educational qualification.

To whom it may concern Providing salary hikes will motivate the employees to work more and give better quality services to the company. I firmly believe that those hikes we provide based on work experience rather than educational qualification are giving justice to them. To begin with, experienced people will know better knowledge and problem-solving skills because they were doing such work for a long time. For example, people will understand company strategies well, and they project knowledge more to give better services to the company. As a result, the revenue of the organization is increased. Secondly, experienced people will expect salaries more, so, if we offer a hike based on the experience, they will stay a long time in the same company without moving to another. On the other hand, everyone not has an opportunity to complete higher studies. For example, they joined with a bachelor's degree and served the company for many years. Few people join a company with a higher qualification, but they served less time. So if we offer a hike based on qualification, it will demotivate the experienced employees and not give the proper justice to all. Therefore, in my opinion, offering a hike based on experience is a better choice. Thank you for allowing me to express my views. Regards Tony

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