Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

Your university is conducting survey to know how many work hours should be permitted to students in a week time. The University has sent out an opinion survey to see what students think about it.

Weekly working hours for Students :

Option A: Less than 15 hours per week in a single job.
Option B: More than 20 hours per week with all multiple jobs hours added.

I think a student should not be working much during their study, and less 15 hours would be kind enough to gain experience and earn monthly expenses. Even though working in multiple jobs and spending more than 20 hours a week allows them to have the knowledge and make more dollars, but students would start feeling a crisis of learning and preparation when the exam would knock the door. Firstly, the primary purpose of allowing students to work is to add values in their field of study so that they can learn through practical situations. This would assist them in the long run when they start their jobs. And, 15 hours a week should be considerable time to achieve it while studying their course. Secondly, the more students start focusing on work through multiple jobs, the less they would get time to study, and having more than 25 hours a week will be a disaster for their career. They need to consider first and then earn experience. Considering the above reasons, I believe that students should have less than 15 hours with a single job. They would reap the rewards with study and work together and will have an excellent balance to achieve their goal. Again, this is my personal opinion, and I would support whatever decision is made. I appreciate the opportunity to provide input on this issue.

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