Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

Your university is organising a summer camp in the city where your best friend lives.

Write a letter to your friend about the summer camp:

  • Ask your friend about the night clubs in that city.
  • Request your friend to arrange a weekend party for your friends accompanying you.

Dear Mike, I am writing this letter to inform you about my visit to Vancouver next week with my batch mates for camping. This trip will be starting from November 3rd Friday to November 5th Sunday. All of us were thinking to go to the nightclub on Saturday night, but we don't know much about clubs in your hometown as It will be the first visit to Vancouver for most of us. Although I did some research regards worth seen places in Vancouver, However, It will be great if you can suggest to us some places particularly, nightclubs. I know you are fond of high beats music and dance. Hence I thought you are the only one who can help us in this. My all other friends are immigrants, so they all are just dependent on me only. Moreover, I was wondering that would be great too if you can arrange a party for all of us. It would be a great get together and don't worry about the expenses, we all can contribute. Looking forward to your reply. Regards, Mark