Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

Your electricity department is conducting survey to know public opinion, if department should introduce prepaid cards. The city has sent out an opinion survey to see what residents think about it.

Electric bills survey :

Option A: City should introduce prepaid cards.
Option B: City should continue with existing billing system.

To whom it may concern. Technology advancements keep on disrupting the traditional systems. Yet, it's not a mandate that every new feature will lead to enhancements. I appreciate the city electricity department's initiative to know public views on introducing new prepaid cards. The prepaid system will not have any benefits; instead, it will burden unnecessary investment on the initial setup. Firstly, the people are used to the existing billing system. It's always convenient for a customer to use a service and then pay for the availed services. This way, the consumer is assured of getting quality services since he or she can raise grievance for any lapses before the bill due date. Secondly, the prepaid cards will bring unwanted overhead to the residents. They need to maintain balance in their prepaid accounts. Forgetting advance payments may cause an embarrassing situation like a power cut in the presence of the guests. Based on the above two considerations, I would prefer that the electricity department not replace the existing billing system with prepaid cards. These are my personal views, but I will support whatever decision is made. Regards, Mike

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