Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

You recently purchased a furniture from renowned furniture brand,

Write a letter in about 150-200 words to the manager of complaining about the poor quality of the furniture:

  • Give details of the nature of the complaint
  • Request for immediate repair or replacement as needed

Dear Manager, I am writing to you to express my concern regarding a piece of furniture I bought from your store recently. On 16th June, I ordered a 6-seater wooden finish dining table from your store because one of my friends recommended you since he had an enjoyable experience from your store, and I have read lots of rave reviews on the internet. I was so ecstatic about receiving the item on time, but when I looked at the furniture, I was so disappointed as you have sent me a faulty one. To be precise, the problem is, there are some scratch marks on the inner side of the legs of the table. Notably, they are quite visible at first glance from a distance too. Moreover, the fabric used on the chairs is of low quality, and it is not the one which I saw at your store. Since the issues are unbearable, I would like you to arrange a pick-up and replace it with a new one as soon as possible. Also, for the inconvenience caused, It would be great if you can offer a discount on my next visit. I would highly appreciate your prompt response. Thanks for your consideration and kind support. Mark