Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

You live in a small city. City administration is planning to allocate funds for two possible projects

Your City is funding ONE of the given projects :

Option A: Option A: Bike Lanes: Planning to build new separate lanes for bikers
Option B: Option B: Renovate gym: Planning to add a swimming pool and spa centre in an existing gym

I prefer to choose Option B to renovate the gym by adding a swimming pool and spa centre. Firstly, I thank City administration for allocation of funds to my city. I have been living in the city for the past 20 years and there is only one gym in the centre of the city which is convenient for all people staying across the city. The gym requires renovation as its been very old and also most of the equipment are rusted and outdated. Thread mills became very old such that they keep stopping in the middle while it is running. This is a serious issue which needs to be addressed on priority. Along with the gym renovation, it's a really good decision to add a swimming pool and spa centre in the existing gym. Most of the existing gym members have already requested gym authorities for spa and swimming pool. It's good news for all who were interested in swimming and spa. Swimming is good exercise and going forward kids too will be part of swimming. Now, with new additions to the gym, the entire family can be part of physical activities as per their choice's. Regarding Option A, as the city already got existing bike lanes it is not required at this point of time. With the reasons specified above, I request you to consider Option B. Thank you in advance. Regards, Felix

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