Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

Your city police department is conducting a survey to bring in revolutionary changes in the city's security system The department has sent out an opinion survey to see what residents feel about the given options

Security Cameras Survey:

Option A: Security Camera's in public places will reduce crime.
Option B: These measures restrict our individual freedom.

To whom it may concern, The recent spike in crimes has deteriorated the residents trust in the police department. I appreciate the department's initiative in considering this matter seriously and reinventing the security system. In my opinion, installing security cameras in and around the city will reduce the crime rate. Firstly, security cameras are visible from a distance. Security cameras will help prevent crime as criminals will have a fear of getting caught. Security personnel may get tricked, but it requires specialized skills to hack into the technology. Hence, cameras can act as a crime deterrent. In addition, security cameras also help in managing road traffic and accidents. The advanced features such as speedometers integrated with the cameras can prevent over-speeding and hence save precious lives. Also, the automatic traffic challans will prevent unnecessary roadblocks and traffic. Considering the above reasons, I agree with the police department's initiative to revolutionize the security posture in the city by bringing in security cameras. I am sure the residents will be overjoyed. Regards, Thomas

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