Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

A local newspaper is conducting a survey to know whether their paper should have more news or more discounts and offers

Local News Paper Survey:

Option A: Your newspaper should have more Local and International news, then discount coupons, etc.
Option B: You think you can access news online but you need more Discount coupons and offers section.

To whom it may concern, I think our local newspaper should add more global and our community news instead of promotions. Even though promotions help consumers to save extra pennies, but benefits of learning more about our Country and world outweigh promotions. Firstly, 90% of our community reads our newspaper daily, covering only the southern part of Mississauga. We have no clue about our north area and other parts of the world. There was a drop in prices of the real estate market in Toronto by 40% last week. None of us is aware of that news and lost the opportunity in securing a home. Furthermore, with the advent of the digital world, we have everything on the internet, but determining trustworthiness and reliability is difficult. Our newspaper is known for its commitment to sharing the correct information with people. Considering these reasons, I believe adding more news would be more beneficial to our community. Again these are my personal beliefs, and I will support whatever gets decided. I appreciate the opportunity to provide inputs on this. Regards Thomas

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