Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

The state government is proposing a new airport in your city but some organisations are opposing it because they feel, the new airport will bring in more traffic resulting in choked roads. Government has sent out an opinion survey to see what residents would like to say on this issue.

New airport Survey:

Option A: Air connectivity is good for development of your city.
Option B:Better road infratstructure is required.

To whom it may concern I want to opine in favour of making better road infrastructure as it seems a far better choice for me than the other one. Though building a new airport is an almost equally appealing idea, I would like to give a couple of reasons to substantiate my argument. The current condition of our city roads is in a dire state and needs the immediate intervention of the authorities to look into that. Moreover, only one elevated road connects our city to all neighbours states, increasing the congestion in narrow roads of our city. There is already an airport in Amritsar just 100 Km from our city. So, rather than spending a large sum of people's tax money on building an airport, the government should improve road connectivity by making more highways and widening the existing roads in the city. Based on the above significant grounds, I firmly believe that our city requires better road infrastructure for the convenience of the commuters. Thanks for providing me with the opportunity to voice my opinion on this critical matter. Regards Tony

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