Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

You recently made an online purchase and the product was not the same as the description on the website.

Write an email to the website support department in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:

  • What you purchased and when.
  • Exactly how it is different from the website description.
  • How you would like the company to fix the problem.

Dear Store Manager, I am writing to express my dissatisfaction in connection with my recent purchase from your online store. I purchased a long dress of red colour on 03/03/2021. It is mentioned in the description that it is made of satin cloth with mirror work throughout the dress. It is a full flare dress with full sleeves. At the time I received it, I felt so excited to see it. Unfortunately, after seeing the dress, I felt sad because it is entirely different from the description. The dress was orange in colour instead of red, got rayon cloth instead of satin, no mirror work at all, and completely sleeveless. I would be happy to exchange my dress with the right one or refund my amount as soon as possible. I am attaching the bill and pics of the dress in this mail for your reference. Please consider my request and do justice for my money. Looking forward to your positive response, Yours faithfully, Thia.