Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

You live in a small city. City administration is planning to allocate funds for two possible projects.

Your City is funding ONE of the given projects :

    Option A: Bike Lanes: Planning to build new separate lanes for bikers
    Option B: Renovate gym: Planning to add a swimming pool and spa centre in an existing gym

I would like to opine for option A which is to build a new separate lane for bikers as this seems to be a far better and convincing choice for me than the other. Though planning to build a swimming pool and spa center to the exiting gym is equally appealing, I would present a couple of reasons to substantiate my argument. To begin with, there are two primary reasons why option A is more advantageous than option B. Firstly, it will save more lives; bikers do not need to be on the same road with the people driving vehicles. For example, using a bikers lane will help people to distinguish between bikes and cars. Secondly, it will reduce road congestion. Indeed bikers lane has been increasingly effective in the reduction of road congestion in the 2000s. Considering these reasons, planning to build new separate lanes for bikers would be more worthy than to build a swimming pool and spa center in the existing one.

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