Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

Your University is conducting survey to know how many work hours should be permitted to students in a week time. The university has sent out an opinion survey to see what students think about it.

Weekly working hours for Students:

Option A: Less than 15 hours per week in a single job.
Option B: More than 20 hours per week with all multiple jobs hours added.

Hello Mrs.Martinez; I am pleased to see the survey regarding working hours for university students has been conducted. This create some hope among students, that finally, the authority moved forward to make some decisions. In response to this survey, here I happily give my opinion; which is in favor of working more than 20 hours per week alongside various jobs. In my humble opinion extending working hours would help students. it would make more financial independence; which would help improve their academic scores. because additional income would help them meet their essential requirements such as additional paid courses outside the university; purchase new gadgets like laptops and other things. apart from this, they can manage private accommodation and healthy food which help them concentrate more on their study. Lastly, students would get more realistic experience by working with various organizations. it would enhance their ability to perform well both in study and work. Here I have put all my views clearly, hope it will help you make your decision. Regards J.Khan

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