Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

Recently you visited the Zoological park and had an uncanny experience, as a man died by falling in the tiger’s enclosure. You were not able to do anything at that point but wanted to show your concern for the safety of the visitors.

Write an email to the Director of the Zoological Park in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:

  • Give a description of the incident
  • Complain about the short fencing
  • Show your concern for the safety of the visitors

Dear Director Sir, I am writing this email to complain about the poor infrastructure of your zoological park. I visited your park last Saturday around 11 am with my husband, and I was there for around four hours. It is an attractive park, but the thing, which disturbed me, was the short fencing throughout the park that, as per my opinion, is unacceptable. It is also very dangerous for the visitors. I am saying this because, in front of my eyes, a tiger almost scratched a little kid, who, out of his excitement, went very close to the fence. If there had been another layer of fencing surrounding the first layer, this unfortunate attempt and experience could have been avoided. Further, short fencing is also a cause of disturbance for the animals. For example, a teenager was throwing nuts to a monkey in your park. If there had been another layer of fencing, this disturbance could have been avoided. Hence, I would request you to consider my concerns and arrange another layer of fencing so that the visit to your zoological park remains safe for the visitors as well as for the animals. Regards Felix