Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

You live in a small city. City administration is planning to allocate funds for two possible projects.

Your City is funding ONE of the given projects :

Option A: Option A: Bike Lanes: Planning to build new separate lanes for bikers
Option B: Renovate gym: Planning to add a swimming pool and spa centre in existing gym

To whom it may concern. I think separate bike lanes would be a better choice. Even though the city gym can use a swimming pool and spa centre, the new bike lane would be more beneficial to everyone. The problem with our current bike lanes is that they are too narrow and is one of the causes of accidents between bikers and motorist. This has deterred many people who enjoy biking outside, so bikers can no longer practice cycling tournaments in the summer. The second issue is with the biking culture. Our city has many bikers, so separate bike lanes would be beneficial to more people than adding a new swimming pool and spa. My family and friends love to bond over biking. Considering these reasons, I believe separate bike lanes would be a better idea, and everyone in the city would be overjoyed, but I would support whatever decision is made. Thank you for giving me a chance to provide input on this issue. Regards, Samuel

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