Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

Being the manager of the ‘Eco NGO’ you have to organise a march on the occasion of ‘Earth Day’ this year. You have the responsibility to invite the Counsellor of your area to lead this march to spread the awareness about saving our planet.

Write an email to the counsellor of your area in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:

  • Mention about the march organized by your NGO
  • Invite the counsellor to lead the march

Dear Mr Smith, I am mike, a manager at Eco NGO. Our organization is a very effective non-profit organization found in 2010 via the support of our local authorities. Eco NGO is actively organizing an event to encourage people to save the planet. Another reason is that it increases the awareness of the vulnerability of our environment. This year on June 15 we plan to organize a special occasion called `Earth Day` near the Dear lake. This event includes various activities such as painting competitions, free food services, some volunteering activities. All these main activities purpose is that emphasize the importance of mother nature. Especially we intend to focus on children to contact with them and their family as well. We have invited some well-known affluent people for this occasion. I want to invite you as an honoured guest for our Earth Day organization. Your participation would be very inviting for people to attend and support our organization. As a part of this local family, I am aware of how supportive you are of your innovative recycling items. We will be happy to host you. We are looking forward to seeing you. Best Regards, Mike.