Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

You are working in a company offering IT services. Your company is conducting survey to know ways to improve working environment. There are two options :

Job satisfaction survey :

Option A:Give a salary hike to all the employees on the basis of experience.
Option B: Give a salary hike to all the employees on the basis of educational qualification.

To whom it may concern. It isn't easy to choose between these two options. Educational qualification indeed builds the foundation of one's career, but I believe I would like to go with option A. The primary reason behind choosing option A is that our academic qualification is already judged during the selection procedure for an open position, and it is given enough importance. Often, we are selected for a position at the beginning of our career, based on our academic background, but we have to understand that job is a professional world. Every job has its requirements that are not necessarily fulfilled by academic qualifications. For example, in the Information Technology sector, if you observe, you will see that all of the companies are seeking employees with experience. This is because just reading books and passing examinations don't make one an efficient employee. Work experience, which one gathers while facing multiple issues in the work field, makes one a precious organization. Hence, I would like to go with option A which says that give salary hikes to experienced employees because these employees' precious experience will be the fuel for an organization. Without it, an organization will not be able to grow and sustain itself. Regards, Mike

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