Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

A local NGO working for the betterment of school-going kids, especially focusing on reducing the stress level in the new generation has sent out an opinion survey to see what people think about the presence of multimedia gadgets in house.

NGO conducting a survey:

Option A: Kids should have no access to gadgets like smartphones or iPad etc..
Option B: Kids should be encouraged to read books in their free time.

To whom it may concern, I want to thank the Bellevue NGO department for allowing me to express my thoughts. Although some parents may consider reading books to provide cognitive benefits, I firmly believe that they should strictly ban accessing electronic devices. Nowadays, with the ubiquity of the Internet, children are prone to passive activities with various gadgets such as i-pad, smartphones and computers during their free time. As a result, stress levels soar and becoming obese because of not participating in physical games. Indeed, families should implement a ban on electronic devices at home. Moreover, when children spend more time playing games and watching videos on digital platforms, their eyesight will increase. A recent survey conducted by the University of Florida, for instance, 33% of retina problems in school students due to spending more time on digital screens. So, we should avoid them to curb health problems. Indeed, children should always not encourage to use digital devices. In conclusion, I firmly believe the digital era brought enormous changes in our lives, and we should always keep our children not to use electronic devices. Regards, Mike