Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

A local NGO working for the betterment of school-going kids, especially focusing on reducing the stress level in the new generation has sent out an opinion survey to see what people think about the presence of multimedia gadgets in house.

NGO conducting a survey:

Option A: Kids should have no access to gadgets like smartphones or iPad etc..
Option B: Kids should be encouraged to read books in their free time.

Nowadays, cases of school-going children facing stress and anxiety-related issues are on the rise. I firmly believe that children spending more time alone with devices like iPads and phones is to blame for. Most of the houses are jam-packed with modern devices, but keeping a child away from smartphones and other devices until a specific age will do a greater good to their mental well being. I agree that access to technology at an early age will allow them to learn and grow. Disadvantages outweigh the advantages if we consider most children having access to devices. Instead, they should be encouraged to involve themselves in outdoor games, especially team sports, where they can cultivate social bonding and learn team spirit, which will help their physical and mental health. Even though diverting them to reading books seems to be a more effective alternative. Still, I advocate an option for them to involve themselves in indoor and outdoor games away from gadgets, which leads them towards a lonely life.

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