Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

You are a resident of a large colony. You found a gold chain in the colony compound. You are willing to find the owner of the chain and therefore want the help of the authority.

Write an email to the Manager of the colony in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:

  • Give a description of the chain and the place where you found it.
  • Ask help from Secretary of the colony in tracing the owner

Dear Mr. Smith Fahey, The Manager Thornbridge Lakes Calgary Good Morning, I am a resident of the Thornbridge Lakes Colony and lives in the House No. 1234 on the Castlewood Drive. I want to inform you that on June 18th, 2020, while I was walking in the colony compound with my dog at around 6 pm, I stepped on some metal near the water fountain, and when I picked it up, I noticed that it was a gold chain. It looks pretty expensive. It is about fourteen inches long and two millimetres wide, and I believe the owner must be looking for it. Since its a big colony and trying to find someone is tough, I am seeking your help to trace its valid owner. I understand that being the Manager, you must be having a lot on your plate, but if you can spare your Secretary for sometime tomorrow to find the owner of the chain, that would be great. I am sure the owner of the chain will appreciate your kindness and help. Yours Sincerely Mike