Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

A local newspaper is conducting a survey to know whether their paper should have more news or more discounts and offers

Local News Paper Survey:

Option A: Your newspaper should have more Local and International news, then discount coupons, etc.
Option B: You think you can access news online but you need more of Discount coupons and offers section.

To Whom it may concern. I have been reading your newspaper for the last ten years. In my view, the discount coupons and offers sections are good enough, but I prefer reading local and international news instead of looking for discount coupons. Hence, I choose option A. The idea of reading a newspaper is to spread awareness and knowledge about the world. More and more local news will help the readers understand the changes currently happening in their localities. Understanding the political views, ideologies, and the pace of development will become easy. More international news must be included so that the people will get an idea about the international affairs. This will also help to boost the newspaper's reputation. Increasing the discounts and offers sections will turn the newspaper into a magazine. The online news are not always valid. Some information uploaded on the internet might be tampered or biased by the website owners. Anyhow, I will respect whatever the newspaper's management will take decision. Regards Thomas.