Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

A local news paper is conducting a survey to know whether their paper should have more news or more discounts and offers

Local News Paper Survey :

Option A: Your newspaper should have more Local and International news, then discount coupons, etc.
Option B: You think you can access news online but you need more of Discount coupons and offers section.

I consider enhancing the portion of local and international news could be an easier way to know about all happenings but, Discount coupons and offers sections could allure all generations of people to check it out that is why I choose this option instead. The predominant factor is discount coupons can not only attract elders for reading but youngsters too. Providing an offer section is can build someone's hobbies of reading newspapers which might lead to enhancing reading skills and broad mind regions. The second reason I believe is that the newspapers are less convenient rather than the other options offered by today's era technology such as radio, Tv and Phones, and so on. For instance, Personally, I never get time to read the newspaper due to having a hectic schedule. So most of the time I prefer to listen to the news on the radio while commuting to my office. Considering these reasons, I think the benefits of the offer section and discount coupons would overweight the prons of the news section. Anyways it is just my opinion, I will support whatever newspaper news company decides to have. Thanks for allowing me to give input on this.

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