Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

Your College management is conducting a survey to replace paper books with ebooks. The management has sent out an opinion survey to see what students feel about the given options

Book reading Survey :

Option A: Reading e-books is more advantageous than reading paper-based books.
Option B: Paper books are better then e-books.

To whom it may concern. Technology is upgrading the world at an exponential rate. These newer advancements are easing human life, and e-books are one of the best examples. I appreciate the management's decision to gather students views on this topic. In my opinion, e-books will take the place of paper books in future, and our college welcomes them open-heartedly. Firstly, e-books will bring drastic changes to the traditional library management system. It would be easier for the students to issue e-books any time of the day and even with a countable number of clicks on their system. The ease of access will encourage the students to read more. Secondly, paper books come with many drawbacks. Every hard copy comes with a limited lifespan. The quality of the paper used gets deteriorated with time. Many times, students write on their notes on the books or ever torn out some crucial pages. These are some of the irreversible issues with the paper book. So, based on the above two considerations, I would prefer that we start giving more emphasis on e-books. In the long run, both management and the students will be benefited from this positive change. Regards, Samuel