Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

A local NGO working for the betterment of school-going kids, especially focusing on reducing the stress level in the new generation has sent out an opinion survey to see what people think about the presence of multimedia gadgets in house.

NGO conducting a survey:

Option A: Kids should have no access to gadgets like smartphones or iPad etc..
Option B: Kids should be encouraged to read books in their free time.

To whom it may concern. We live in a digital era; hence keeping kids away from smartphones, iPad, or any other gadgets is impossible. Nowadays, kids must study on their iPads since it brings out their creativeness and makes learning fun. I also believe that using these gadgets has some cons as well. Especially if it is not supervised correctly can lead to kids accessing some information which they shouldn't. Parents can guide their children well; they know what's best for their kids. Instead of restricting the use of gadgets, they can ultimately limit the number of hours their children can access these gadgets. Kids should also be encouraged to read more books in their free time as it will help build their personality and keep them away from gadgets. Parents can also buy puzzle books for their kids, which will help improve their attention span and reduce stress level. In my opinion, overusing gadgets can be harmful to kids and hinder their brain growth, but using them for a few hours can be beneficial for learning. Regards, Mike

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