Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

Government is worried because of Discipline and respect in schools being replaced with harassment and violence, directed at teachers. Government has sent out an opinion survey to know about the possible ways to control the situation.

Public opinion survey:

Option A: Special training for the teachers: Special training sessions should be arranged for the school teachers.
Option B: Introduction of the new curriculum: New curriculum with yoga and meditation classes should be introduced.

To Whom it may concern. In my school of thought, providing exceptional training to teachers would serve as a better action plan to curb the harassment and violence direct at the teachers in schools. Adding new curriculum such as yoga and meditation could help discipline a few students but will not be an effective way to handle this problem. In contrast, special training sessions will provide teachers with the appropriate tools and guidance to act the right way when dealing with such situations. The training program will help teachers learn from the expert researchers on this issue and get some hands-on experience through the experts' drills. The session will include the re-enactment of the instances that had happened with teachers in the past, so teachers can easily connect, and the different responses from the experts to show how to tackle the problem positively to replace the harassment and violence with respect and discipline. These training sessions will also help teachers socialize with their fellow teachers and open up to discuss these issues. It has been noticed that teachers refrain from discussing their negative experiences with our teachers as they fear the risk of being judged. To sum up, I believe training sessions for teachers will be more effective in controlling the violence and harassment directed towards teachers. Thanks for giving me a chance to include my opinion on this. Regards Felix.

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