Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

A local newspaper is planning to launch a new magazine section dedicated to spiritual education. The newspaper has sent out an opinion survey to see what its readers think about the new magazine.

Newspaper survey:

Option A: Spiritual education is important for development.
Option B: Spiritual education is not that important.

To whom it may concern I think ethereal knowledge is essential for overall human growth. Although spiritual education is not alluring to modern human beings due to living in the robotic era, it's essential to satisfaction, contentment, and peace of mind. To begin with, the predominant factor of learning the mystical education is essential as it can offer someone inner clarification, which is important to build self-satisfaction and a positive attitude. For instance, whenever I am trying to focus on spiritual knowledge, I always feel some energetic, positive vibes in my body. In addition, Spiritual education makes someone happy with their inner life. Hence, people do not concentrate on others life and do not compare with others. Therefore, it makes them not only different from others but also make them happy. Considering these reasons, I believe spiritual knowledge is excellent for all humans, so I think one magazine section on this can attract someone to it. Thanks for giving me a chance. Regards Tony

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