Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

An independent agency is conducting survey on immigration policy of the country. The Agency has sent out an opinion survey to see what residents would like the government to plan good immigration policy.

Immigration Policy Survey:

Option A:Government should encourage investors.
Option B: Professionals with technical skills should be given preference

To whom it may concern. I second option B because accepting more immigrants into the country will boost the economy, and the country becomes more developed. The remote areas will turn into urban areas. Firstly, whenever the government accepts immigrants into the country. There are two ways to accept immigrants. One is a student permit, and the other one is a work permit. International students pay a lot more than when compared to domestic students, almost three times extra. For instance, I am an international student I pay more money compared to the domestic student. Secondly, the government also collects more money on taxes from internationals. I used to live in Prince George, British Columbia. When I first joined our college, there are only a few international students. Nowadays, many people are immigrating to Canada. I can notice a massive development in our college as compared to before. When immigrants invest money into the country, the country's economy is rising. Considering all the reasons, I believe option B is the correct choice. Again, this is my opinion. I will accept whatever is your decision. Thanks for giving me a chance to provide input on this survey. Regards, Mike

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