Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

You recently purchased a furniture from renowned furniture brand

Write a letter in about 150-200 words to the manager of complaining about the poor quality of the furniture. Your email should do the following things

  • Give details of the nature of the complaint.
Request for immediate repair or replacement as needed.

Dear Manager Last week I went to your store to buy a new black couch for my new house. After researching, I decided to go to your store because I found good online reviews. I can say now I regret my decision. When I went to the store and saw the new Italian design clack couch, I immediately thought this one would fit perfect in my living room. The problem was when I received mine, it was not what I expected. The main reason for this email is to complain about its poor quality. First of all, instead of being black, it has a dark grey-ish tint. When you sit, it's like being seated on a rock, so rigid. The pillows are supposed to be fluffy, making you itchy instead. And finally, the footrests are broken. I would like you to solve this problem, either repairing the foot rets at least, or sending me a new couch. Honestly, it is a shame that I received a couch like this, with such poor quality. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Nikki