Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

You recently purchased a furniture from renowned furniture brand.

Write a letter in about 150-200 words to the manager of complaining about the poor quality of the furniture

  • Give details of the nature of the complaint
  • Request for immediate repair or replacement as needed

Dear Manager, I am Mark. I bought a three-seater fabric sofa from your showroom, to my surprise I've received a damaged piece. Let me explain the details below. I bought the furniture on the recommendations of my family friends, who are your regular customers. I was very impressed with your customer service at the showroom, and the way the furniture is displayed and I picked up a three-seater sofa and ordered it to be delivered. Though it delivered on time, but I received the sofa with the horrible fabric. I am very disappointed with your supply and delivery department's lack of efficiency. In any case, I will forward you the pictures of the sofa, and would like your staff to visit and inspect the damage and replace the couch as soon as possible. I would also expect no such mishaps to happen in the future to any customer, as customer dissatisfaction leads to a fall in your brand value. For all the inconvenience, I expect some shop credit or another piece of furniture free of cost. I look forward to your response and visit by your staff. Regards, Mark