Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

A company is planning a new plant near your society. Company has sent a survey to all the members of the society, to know their opinion. Choose one of the options and give reasons why you opted for the same.

New factory site:

Option A:New factory will create nuisance.
Option B: New factory will bring new job opportunities.

To whom it may concern Constructing the new factory near the society can bring new job opportunities for the residents. I believe the new job openings would be beneficial for society and increase the standard of livings of the residents. I am enlighting some rationales in this survey to strengthen my choice. Firstly, creating a new factory in our neighbourhood can create some job opportunities for the residents. People get employment due to these jobs, and they can increase their living standards by earning money. Additionally, the students from our local university can do an internship in the industry and get practical exposure in their studies. Secondly, the survey conducted by the University of Virginia on the different cities' crime rates stated that the average crime rate is directly proportional to the increasing number of unemployed people in the city. So, bringing the factory into the city might diminish the crime rate. In addition, the city also develops its revenue by bringing the factory into the society. As per my perceptions, making a new factory near the society would be an appealing choice for the natives and city. I appreciate this survey to provide my opinion. Regards Tony

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