Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

You would like to participate in a work-related seminar in another country

Write an email to the person in charge of the seminar in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:

  • ask for detailed information on the dates,
  • ask about the accommodation
  • ask about the cost

Dear Ms. Johanna Brown, I am glad to hear that Toronto will be contemplated with such an important event as the clear energy seminar held by your company. It is from my knowledge that you are the person accountable for the campaign arrangements. Therefore, I am writing to express my interest in having more details, especially about the dates designated for it. Given that the event will have a long schedule of unusual activities, speeches and so on, it stands to logic that more than a single day will be needed. On this matter, I am most interested to know if you are considering suggesting accommodation for people like myself that will certainly show up more than one day. I must stress, however, that the cost is something, indeed, relevant to me. I am looking for a reasonable price, not only for the seminar ticket, but for the residence as well, so that I can enjoy it the most as I can. Doubtlessly, it will be a brilliant moment to deep dive into the theme and discuss solar energy more consciously. I look forward to receiving your prompt reply. Sincerely, Sam