Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

You live in a small town of 10,000 people. A large green area in the centre of town is undeveloped. The city has sent out an opinion survey to see what residents would like to have built-in that area.

City Development Survey :

Option A: Shopping Complex: This shopping mall would include restaurants, a large supermarket, and a movie theatre.
Option B: Recreational Park: This park would include a sports complex, a large green area, and a small petting zoo.

There seem to be divergent views on how beneficially a green undeveloped area should be utilized. Although shopping complex could attract people from other neighbouring towns, I am of the opinion that a creational part is a far better choice due to its purpose to create a more entertaining environment for families and children. We should understand that recreational park can be frequently a relaxing place where people regardless of their ages, obtain relaxation. for example, people who tirelessly work at stressful workplaces, can come and manage their stress level by watching families happily spending quality time together. This emotional effect could benefit them in preventing from having stress-related illnesses. On the other hand, the shopping complex can certainly contribute to the town's economical development. Nonetheless, the shopping complex will not be an advantageous facility in terms of health which is often considered as the most important thing in life. based on the above discussion, I still stand by my stance and strongly believe that recreational park is more needed for our town people than anything else.