CELPIP Writing Sample Test Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

You live in a small city. A local internet service provider is planning to launch 5G technology in your area. Company is conducting a survey to know public opinion

Telecommunication company survey:

Option A: Company should launch 5G for better communication services.
Option B: Introduction of 5G means more expensive internet services.

I agree with popular belief or demand for better and faster internet services. In this respect, introducing 5G internet services would be welcomed by one and all. Even though it might increase internet bills, however, the advantages overweigh the probable hike in the cost. To start with, a faster internet connection would be utilized to the optimum levels by different sectors of our city. To illustrate further, schools and universities can benefit to a large extent. For example, presently students are facing difficulty in researching study materials, as the internet service is extremely slow and abrupt. Another outcome of 5G services launching would be higher sales because of better publicity and advertisement on online platforms. Additionally, workspaces also benefit as a result of good internet connectivity, which provides them with international market trends and businesses. One of the best results of efficient internet service is the creation and expansion of several online business establishments. Besides, providing several online job opportunities which in turn reduce unemployment levels to a certain extent. Overall, it can be said that there are more advantages than drawbacks. Again, these are my personal views, but I will support any decision taken by the internet company. I thank you for the opportunity provided to express my views.