Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

You are working in a company offering IT services. Your company is conducting a survey to know ways to improve the working environment. There are two options:

Job satisfaction survey :

Option A: Give a salary hike to all the employees on the basis of experience.
Option B: Give a salary hike to all the employees on the basis of educational qualification.

I would like to opine in favor of option A, as it seems to be a better and convincing choice than the other one. Though the other choice is equally appealing, I would strongly recommend the salary hike to all the employees based on their experience. To begin with, experience makes the human perfect in all walks of life. Wherever the experience is there it plays a significant role in the organisation's growth. An experienced team may bring more laurels to the company and to the group which they are associated with. Moreover, the experienced associates could build strong next level employees who can take over from them and lead the company to different heights. This will certainly pave the way for the firm's future growth. Having discussed all the arguments, I believe the organisation should plan in such a way that the utmost priority to be given to all the experienced folks and respectable salary hike to given to those employees. I appreciate the chance provided to me to voice my opinion.