CELPIP Writing Sample Test Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

You live in a small town of 10,000 people. A large green area in the centre of town is undeveloped. The city has sent out an opinion survey to see what residents would like to have built-in that area

City Development Survey :

Option A: Shopping Complex: This shopping mall would include restaurants, a large supermarket, and a movie theatre.
Option B: Recreational Park: This park would include a sports complex, a large green area, and a small petting zoo.

The greenery of the town is a blessing for the town. This underdeveloped area should be utilized for recreational park rather than a shopping mall. To embark with, due to industrialisation in the nearby cities, caused air pollution in our town. The trees made our town free from air pollution. As trees protect us from pollution our town opposed the cutting down of trees. So I believe that we should maintain the greenery of the town. The recreational park has facilities such as a sports complex, a large green area and a petting zoo. Secondly, The recreational park not only saves the environment but also provide a healthy lifestyle to those who are living a sedentary life. Moreover, there is no sports complex in the town therefore I will presume that it would be a greater attraction for health-conscious people. The petting zoo will encourage tourism in the town because children are a fond lover of domesticated animals. The large green area can be a dignified place for senior citizens for a brisk walk in morning and evening. To recapitulate, recreational activities is the need for an hour because of the busy lifestyle people need a place to relax therefore recreational park act as a stress buster.