Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

You recently made an online purchase and the product was not the same as the description on the website.

Write an email to the website support department in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things::

  • What you purchased and when.
  • Exactly how it is different to the website description.
  • How you would like the company to fix the problem.

Dear sir, SUBJECT: Concerns related to product delivery. I ordered "Raspad (with breakout kit)" from your site www.xxxxxxx.com earlier this month. But I didn't receive the ordered product in full. Your site clearly mentioned during the product launch earlier this month that the first 1000 buyers are eligible for a 30% discount and a free break-out kit with the Raspad. Earlier this month I ordered Raspad with the free break-out kit and 30% discount for early buyers. I did receive a 30% discount while paying for the order but did not receive a break-out kit yet. I was excited to be the early buyer and get Raspad and a break-out kit in my hands as soon as possible. Raspad was received within a week since ordered but the box didn't have a break-out kit. I waited for a couple of weeks more assuming that the break-out kit may come in a separate mail, but it's the 4th weeks since my purchase I have not received the break-out kit yet. I would request you to kindly provide me with a break-out kit as mentioned in the original offer, and if possible via priority mail. Appreciate your urgent help in the matter. Thanks Best regards, Joe