CELPIP Writing Sample Test Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

A local news paper is conducting a survey to know whether their paper should have more news or more discounts and offers

Local News Paper Survey :

Option A: Your newspaper should have more Local and International news, then discount coupons, etc.
Option B: You think you can access news online but you need more of Discount coupons and offers section.

While I do see the benefit of including the local and international news, I believe the discount coupons and offers section is better because of its practicality and added advantages to the growth of the business. With the advent of technology, people can access news through their smartphones, laptops, and desktops, etc. Anyone can access from anywhere in the world which means people are not dependent solely on the newspaper for news. As a result, surviving the competition would be a tough job. To combat this scenario, including the discount coupons, and offers section in the newspaper would be an ideal solution. It can be the Unique Selling Point of the newspaper. As a result, it can retain customers and attract new customers. The customers also benefit from the coupons and can plan their shopping ahead. Considering these reasons, I believe discount coupons and offers section is an ideal choice.