CELPIP Writing Sample Test Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

Recently you visited the Zoological park and had an uncanny experience, as a man died by falling in the tiger’s enclosure. You were not able to do anything at that point, but wanted to show your concern for the safety of the visitors.

Write an email to the Director of the Zoological Park in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:

  • Give a description of the incident
  • Complain about the short fencing
  • Show your concern for the safety of the visitors

Hello Zoo Director, I was stunned by the unfortunate incident that occurred yesterday in the zoo. A man in his mid-thirties fell off the fence into the hands of a hungry tiger. It was disgusting and I took my kids away from there immediately. I could not see the horrific accident and thinking of it make me shiver. You should have thought that was coming as a short divider between tiger cave and public pavement. The man was walking, about six feet high, and just stumbled upon the divider. He could not see divider was there. You must not make the fences short for better view for children or short height people. There is another option for you should consider a full cage for such animals. The Zoo should have a first focus on the safety of the public than the entertainment of viewing animals. Please take some action to broaden security parameters around dangerous creatures. No one wants to go into the tiger's cave and take their last pictures while walking on pavement. Regards, Ala