CELPIP Writing Sample Test Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

You live in a small city. City administration is planning to allocate funds for two possible projects

Your City is funding ONE of the given projects :

Option A: Option A: Bike Lanes: Planning to build new separate lanes for bikers
Option B: Option B: Renovate gym: Planning to add a swimming pool and spa centre in an existing gym

Our city has very less recreational centres so I definitely believe that renovating the gym and planning to add a swimming pool and spa centre is the better idea than building a new separate lane for bikers. With the advent of technology, a lot of electronic gadgets are available in the market which fascinates children. Because of that children are becoming couch potatoes and they prefer to be indoor and like to play Pubg, video games, and NetFlix. This habit leads to various dangers diseases like obesity, high risk of heart, high bp etc. Nowadays, swimming is a kind of exercise which is in trend and considered the status symbol too. So, introducing a swimming pool can prove a great asset for young ones because it is a very attractive and effective kind of exercise which helps to burn calories and children will come out of the sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, the spa centre is a very good option for all age groups. As nowadays People of all age groups can visit spa centres for relaxation because in this fast life relaxation is very important.