Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

You had recently ordered a book, online from a bookseller. The book sent by him was not the latest edition, even though you had paid the money according to the latest edition version.

Write an email to the bookseller in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:

  • Complain about service of the online site
  • State about the urgency for the latest edition

Dear Sir, I like to bring to your notice about my recent purchase which I have carried out through your website last week. I have ordered the latest edition of the English grammar book written by Wren and Martin on the 15th of October 2019. I had received the book on the 22nd of October 2019 by courier and I was so ecstatic to receive the book on time. However, when I opened the parcel to see the book, I was extremely disgruntled to see the old edition and not the latest one which I had done the payment. As I am a novice in English writing that book is essential for my instant practice for the grammar examination which is due next week. I understood from the various comments online, this particular edition covers all the latest words in English which gives colossal knowledge of English vocabulary. I appreciate it if you could step into the issue immediately and send me the latest edition through priority courier service. Meanwhile, I shall return the old edition of the book by today. Look forward to hearing from you at the earliest. Warm regards Krishnan