20 Things to Know Before CELPIP Exam Test Dates Registration

The Scope of CELPIP General and CELPIP General LS

Both these tests have become immensely popular, not only in the developing countries from where most of the people migrate to Canada - the land of milk and honey (I didn’t want to sound cliche though), but also in the West.

This is basically due to the fact that Canada is a nation which has a lot to offer its people both materialistically as well as psychologically. In fact, its peaceful environment, multicultural diversity, and several other factors like proper implementation of rules and regulations, allure individuals to settle there permanently.

In order to be a permanent resident, or a citizen of Canada, people now have the opportunity to appear for a test which is as simple as using English in daily life. In respective order of the categories written, the tests which can be given are CELPIP General and CELPIP General LS.

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Just like most of the English Language Proficiency tests, CELPIP General too has four modules which check four main communicative skills including Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. All of these test sections have been designed in a way to reflect the use of English in regular routine.

The only thing which you as a fresher need to keep in mind is that every test has a different format and anyone before appearing in any sort of examination needs to know the exact pattern so that there is no confusion during the actual examination.

For this reason it is very important to keep in mind that practice, no matter how short or long it is, needs to be from such a source with the help of such materials which reflect reality. Many tests available online, are not even of the normal test format.

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What to do once you are completely prepared for the CELPIP test?

Obviously, when you would practice with us (or say, from some other sources too), there would be a time when you will feel that this is the right time to give the test. Afterall, it is after a lot of practice and several mock test evaluations that this decision would have been finalised.

Moreover, it is after completing your practice that you will appear for the final CELPIP General test, designed by Paragon Test Enterprises. At this point, there are some crucial factors that need to be quite clear to the candidate before booking or appearing for the exam.

CELPIP General Pre-registration and Registration

There is hardly any test that doesn’t require an identification document before booking a slot for the test, and this is also the case with CELPIP General. As this test is relatively new, there aren’t many centers for the test.

However, on the official CELPIP Website, you can find whether a test is being conducted in your area or somewhere nearby. Another worth-noticing point is that the best manner to book the test is online. Remember, CELPIP Test Centres undertake no processing of the registration applications.

You need to create a profile on the official CELPIP Website and then you can select and book for one of the test dates available for the exam. As soon as you book your examination, you shall receive an email regarding the confirmation of the test booking.

The confirmation is very important for the students, make sure that you carry the printout of this email (that includes registration number, your name, sitting information and identification requirements, on the test day as without this you will not be allowed to centre the test centre.

Keep on reading further for the crucial part!

What happens on the CELPIP Test Date?

Of course, even if someone has given the test a thousand times, there is always some strange feeling on the day of examination. In such a case, a minor mistake can also turn out to be a blunder (costing you a lot of money and time), hence, it is important to know the rules and follow the instructions.

The test is generally available for the weekends, and the availability and booking of the test is to be done online as offline options are not available (except in Canada). Now, for booking an examination, a valid and original identification document is required.

There is a criteria that you as a candidate need to be careful about while choosing the identification document to be carried on the exam day. It must be similar to the identification document which was used for test registration, with the same details as well as document number.

The ID carried on the day of examination ought to be original, and not a copy. Make sure that you carry the original document because in no case will you be allowed to give a test if you do not have the original identification document.

The document must be valid. There are certain identification documents which are not acceptable while booking as well as appearing for the test (the list can be assessed from the official CELPIP website).

The identification document used for booking the exam must be unexpired, not just valid till the time the exam is booked, but must also have validity upto the exam date.

Once you have decided the document you will be using for booking your examination, you can fill the form online for booking for the exam and once that is done, you will receive an email notification which would include the details like:

Your Registration Number,
Sitting Information,
and other document(s) that you need to carry as identification requirements.


On the day of your CELPIP Test, you must take with you a digital or print copy of your email.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that your arrival time on the test date must be at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the test. In this case, if due to any reason you are unable to reach the test center on time or do not reach there at all, you will not be eligible for refund or transfer.

Instructions to be followed on the CELPIP Test date:

There are some set of rules that you as a candidate appearing for the test must be aware of. These include instructions regarding your code of conduct and other essential points you must never forget:

You must get to the test center at least 45 minutes before the test. The test center has the authority to deny candidates with late entry without entitlement to refund or transfer.

Your ID is the only personal belonging allowed on the test day, and it must also be stored in a bag or a locker allotted to you at the test center.

You are not supposed to bring any valuables with you to the test center as neither Paragon Testing Enterprises nor the test center would be responsible for your commodity.

All the electronics carried with you ought to be switched off and in any case must not be used inside the test room.

Before sitting for the test you will be required to give a signature and get your photograph clicked. In the photograph your face must be clearly visible and for the same you are not permitted to wear any head covering or veil except for religious or medical purposes.

Once you are seated for the test inside the test room, you cannot leave the seat unescorted, and therefore it is recommended that you use the restroom before the test begins.

In case you want to use the restroom during the test, raise your hand to get the attention of the examiner, but be careful that the tests cannot be paused because they are automatically timed.

As the products like perfumes, colognes, scents, and aftershave make certain people sick, you as a candidate are instructed to not wear them on the test date.

Children are not allowed inside the test room and are also not permitted to be left outside without any sort of supervision.

Eatables of any sort including chewing gums are not allowed inside the test room. In other words, the candidate is not allowed to eat or drink anything inside the testing premises.

Everything you require during the test would be provided to you by your testing centre, hence, you need not carry anything like pen, pencil, or writing equipment to the test.

In case the candidate fails to adhere to the instructions set for the smooth functioning of the examination, the testing center has the authority to remove the candidate or cancel the candidate’s examination altogether.

What happens after the CELPIP Test?

The result will be available to you online anytime within 8 working days of the CELPIP Test. The score report can be downloaded in a PDF format and is valid for a period of two years from the test date.

A hardcopy of the official score report can be availed by the student on special request. For this the candidate needs to fill a form available on the official CELPIP website. Priority shipping can also be done after the payment of some additional cost details of which can be availed from the website.

What to do if I am unsatisfied with my CELPIP result?

Think you deserved a score higher than the one you received? Don’t worry! CELPIP got an option for you. You can apply for a revaluation of either one part or all the parts of the CELPIP Test within a time span of 6 months.

Kindly note that the fee for this revaluation would be based on the type of application made by you. However, the fee would be refunded if the level of your score changes after being revaluated.

Once you have submitted the application for revaluation, the request cannot be undone and the candidate will have to wait for around 1 or 2 weeks after the submission of fees and application to get the result for the same.

As the listening and reading modules and their scores in the CELPIP test are computer read, the revaluation of CELPIP General listening and reading are unlikely to result in any change but a test-taker can apply for the same if he wishes to.

Can the CELPIP Exam be canceled or date changed once the booking is done?

In simple words, the answer is ‘yes’!

The student can change or cancel the examination after following certain procedures. For this, the test-taker might be required to pay some fee. However, it is important to keep in mind that the cancellation and change is just for the test date and not for any study material.

In case the candidate wishes to change the date for the examination and does so at least 9 calendar days before the test, the change is easily granted. In this regard, if the candidate wishes to cancel the test, 50% of the fee would be refunded.

For transferring the date, if the candidate informs at least 9 days before the test, the charges would be $50.00 CAD exclusive of taxes. In case of some medical emergency, if a proper documentation is provided, the candidate can get the transfer for an even lesser amount.

It is extremely important to note that the final decision whether the exam can be canceled or date transferred is under Paragon Testing Enterprises. Refund or transfer of the test session is again decided by Paragon Testing Enterprises.

Another crucial point is that any candidate cannot appear for more than 1 test in 4 days. This means the test-taker needs to wait at least 4 days before sitting in another test.

An attempt has been made to simplify the rules and regulations of the CELPIP General test, however you are still requested to refer to the official CELPIP website for timely updates and latest changes in the rules and regulations.

It is hoped that all the instructions are clear to you. If you now wish to have the final CELPIP General and CELPIP General LS practice, visit the most reliable CELPIP practice website. Also let us know about other things you have heard in this regard below in the comment section!

All the very best for your future!