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CELPIP Test, A Proportionate to Canadian PR

Celpip is a program being organized by the Canadian Government as an opportunity for the immigrant to get PR in Canada.

People from different countries as staying in Canada at work permit visa. They have been working in Canada but still have not received permanent residence card.

Also, those, who have submitted their application for a Canadian visa, even they have to reside there for more than 2years in every 5 years to get eligible for PR.

By the time, things are getting complex, residing in a different culture and traditions is somehow a difficult task, since not getting permanent resident ignites a low feeling and de-motivates a person.

For this solution, the Canadian Government has organized a celpip program, which is a safe and easy path for people to get permanent residence and citizenship in Canada.

Immigrants are running to get Canadian PR because of Canada’s environment. Canada is one of those countries, who always stays forward for the benefits of its citizens.

The working environment in Canada is so good, there are plenty of opportunities to work or indifferent cultural professions too and about safety and security, the Canadian government has done so many procedures to create a clean and safe environment for their people.

That is why people are pushing themselves hard to get permanent residence so that they can grow their family in Canada and get all the benefits assured by the Government.

This for the better growth of themselves as well as for their children. There are so different ways to get PR, Individuals, migrate to Canada, and worked there for 3-4 years and reside for 2 years continuously to get eligible for PR.

In that period, they have to compromise with a lot of things i:e financial aspects, communication gap, work failure, and many more.

So, people are always looking for an easy and convenient way to get registered as permanent citizens of Canada. 

CELPIP is the only best solution for this. It is the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, this program is being considered as a perfect solution to be family of Canada.

Celpip concludes –

The government has settled a benchmark for all immigrants, that is all those who are visiting from other countries should be superior in the Canadian English language.

As celpip its self fully formed as Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. So in this program, the Canadian Government assesses how proficient a person is in Canadian English.

This analysis is important because, while studying or working in Canada, a person should be able to understand the views and instructions of co-workers and then revert his/her views regarding the conversation.

This will create a comfortable environment in both domains. So, in short terms, celpip is a way to shortlist the candidates who can reside comfortably in the Canadian environment.

Here we have 2 types of test

  • Celpip- General Test
  • Celpip- General LS test

Both the test has different sections and format. The general test is for Canadian PR, whereas the General-LS test is for Candian Citizenship.

Celpip-General Test is a well-known exam given by those who are willing to prove their English language proficiency to get applicable for permanent resident status in Canada under the Federal Skill Trade Program ( FSTP ), Federal Skilled Worker Program ( FSWP), Start-up visa program, Candian Experience Class ( CEC ) and some more. This general test has approved by IRCC ( Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada ).

  • Federal Skilled Trade Program is for those, who have working experience and are willing to apply for permanent residents. They will be eligible only if they score above the CLB in Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. They have to attend all sections during the tests and have to score well. Also, they should have 2 years of full-time working experience in a skilled trade within 5 years. To get qualified, they should core CLB 5 in speaking and listening tasks and CLB 4 in writing and celpip reading test, and the validity of the test is 2 years from the date of the exam.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program is for those who have working experience in their own country and want to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident for futuristic scope. For this program, individuals should be well-educated, have experience in skilled work, and also should have proficiency in the English Language. Canada has split the skilled work experience into different skill levels described under the National Occupational Classification ( NOC ) job groups. The skilled work experience of immigrants will be analyzed on the bases of these skill levels. Also, they should be proficient in English reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities. For selection should cross the score of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB 7) in all 4 domains.
  • Canadian Experience Class ( CEC ) is for those skilled workers, who hold 1-year work experience in Canada. They should have 1 year’s skilled work experience in the last 3 years and the working mode should be full-time or an equal proportion in part-time. They should score CLB 7 if they have experience in NOC group 0 or A jobs and CLB 5 for NOC B jobs.

If you are superior in all the above aspects then you have to give a shot for this Celpip, because there is no other opportunity better then this. If you doubt that you need to practice more then you should start your preparation to get more proficient in English.

Celpip English Practice –

English learning is the most important domain for every individual who is willing to immigrate to Canada. It includes English Reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Celpip includes all these sections in the program. For scoring well in the exam, one must have to score well in all domains to cross the required benchmark of CLB.

Hence Canadian English practice always comes into the picture. Speaking English makes you more confident to adopt the foreign culture, one can make new friends and share views as well as information which creates a very friendly Environments and built a confidence to reside easily in the foreign countries.

The same is for Canada, Government accepts those who are somehow sound in the English language. There are different ways to learn English, some are taking English speaking classes, however, some have joined online sessions to learn this language.

But only learning will not make you ensure to score well in the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. You must be aware of the exam format and the kind of level of the questions.

That’s why Celpip English practice is a must for the one who is applying for the test. Because one can get to know about the actual test only by practicing online which resembles the same platform like the actual exam.

The practice includes the sections :

Listening test – Here you will discover the training meetings for improving your listening aptitudes.

On the off chance that you can tune in to somebody’s guidelines or inquiries just, at that point you will return with arrangements.

This training meeting will offer you various assignments i:e tuning in to critical thinking, tuning in to the day by day life discussion, tuning in to new things, and so forth.

Preparation of the number of exams depends on various circumstances that will without a doubt extemporize the English listening capacity of the competitor.

Reading Test Understanding correspondence, perusing to perspectives and data will make an extraordinary effect on the perusing aptitudes of the candidate.

While working in Canada, you ought to have the option to peruse the mail and different notification introduced by higher specialists.

Writing Test – While working in an organization, we need to compose a few messages on a daily base. Our mail and reaction to other’s mail ought to be powerful and effectively versatile by the peruser

Speaking Test – English tuning in, perusing, composing is a troublesome assignment, one can even deal with these perspectives.

In any case, English talking is consistently the greatest test for each person. It is the most significant segment in celpip English Practice.

If you can’t cause somebody to comprehend your recommendation and perspectives then you will never grab any chance and afterward, survival will be troublesome. So put more exertion into talking.

Celpip Reading Test –

While doing a professional job, we always get into lots of new opportunities and working routines.

In-office work, we have to submit the assignments and reports based upon the different tasks. As we all heard about that, easy to read makes it easy to understand.

While delivering a presentation or seminar in which you wanted to make your viewers understand your ideas then you should be a good reader.

Your words should be so clear so that listeners can understand your valuable information. Also after getting assigned to any work, you should understand the given task and then revert accordingly.

That’s why celpip reading test is there in the English practice session. So that lets you enhance your reading skills.

Format of celpip reading test:

The reading test is one of the sections of the Celpip-General test. It improves the skill of :

  • Finding meaning from the given context
  • Vanishing the wrong answers
  • Improving the reading speed
  • Get expert in vocabulary use

Celpip Reading Test:

Part 1 – It includes time reading, scanning, and getting synonyms of words.

Part 2 – Locating specific information, understanding coherence, and applying logic, recognizing the views of the writer’s saying.

Part 3 – Understanding paragraph and summarize the idea of the paragraph

Part 4 – Meaning of context, facts, and opinions, identifying viewpoints, etc.


The test is completely online based and the applicant can submit the whole exam only in one sitting.

The time interval for celpip reading test is 55-60 minutes. So, the main thing to improve is reading speed.

Read the context at a fast rate and answer the question early, hence the complete the test on time.

Therefore, while doing Canadian English practice. One must consider the reading task as a priority and then prepare accordingly.


Start Practicing – 

We all do know that the growth in every segment is being achieved by continuous practice on a specific project.

As per the celpip demands, if an individual is not good in English and thinking that this exam is not for him/her.

So, it is not time to stay back and killing dreams. Practicing again and again always brings a successful person from inside.

Then keep trying, there are different platforms to learn about celpip English. Various institutes out there as well as online stages for practicing.

Visiting in an institute is good but it will increase your expenses also consume much time. Therefore choose the right platform to learn, where there are no time barriers also should be done at a very reasonable price.

Hence, the internet is the best option for celpip English practice. It is the easiest, cheapest, and needful way to practice more and more. The biggest advantage is that you can practice from anywhere at any time.

Just take the phone out of your pocket an visit to the best platform, hence start learning. Celpipstore is a well-known platform for practicing online.

There are plenty of practicing test will be found at celpipstore. So, enhance your reading speed by getting more information about celpip reading test.

Practicing on the same platform will help in giving the actual exam.

Pick your phone and order Google to find a way for your practice at just one click and find the mountain of practicing sessions.