CELPIP: An Ambition Accomplisher of Ambitious Individuals

CELPIP: An Ambition Accomplisher of Ambitious Individuals

CELPIP, not just a test to assess one’s ability to speak, listen, read and write English, but one platform where dreamers who want to get wings to fly abroad, are given opportunity.

Undoubtedly, this highly competitive era has made the majority of job seekers to be in the best corner of the world whether it is about enrolling In the most prestigious university of the globe or settling down in a prosperous country like Canada on a permanent basis.

Many individuals remain deprived of taking admission in well reputed universities or applying their expertise in their job sector due to lack of opportunities in their native country. This is especially true in case of developing as well as undeveloped nations.

Students or professionals from such places have desire to migrate to a nation which can accomplish their such desires by providing advanced education as well as greener pastures. Canada, being one of the most developed nations, seeks skilled and proficient foreign nationals to migrate to Canada by offering best educational and employment opportunities.

However, to get dream of studying and working in Canada fulfilled, one has to prove his skill of acknowledging first Official language of Canada that means English which is also a common language to speak by natives of all other countries worldwide. Canada aims to meet this demand of individuals by permitting their immigration either being student or worker. Therefore, for the majority of individuals planning to migrate to a foreign country, Canada has become a dream country.

In this scenario, emigrants from distinct nations are keen to move to Canada, however their incapability of being proficient to speak, read, write or listen English, sometimes, cause stumbling blocks in their dreams' path. To overcome this specific problem of migration seekers, CELPIP is one of the most trustable platforms.

Generally, CELPIP- Canadian English language proficiency index program is one of the most preferred English language skill assessment tests.This program is designed to check suitability of test seekers to get adjusted in a foreign atmosphere that is Canada.

What makes CELPIP unique?

Although there are many other English proficiency language tests, CELPIP is unique and simplest among all. Reasons behind saying this are numerous. Firstly, in this technological era, people have become tech savvy and almost every single person prefers appearing for a test on a computer rather than struggling with paper based writing.

For such technophiles, CELPIP is the best option. Secondly, candidates receive their result updates quite shortly as compared to many other language tests.Hence, it is good to take CELPIP when one needs his result readily. Thirdly, at present, India has become one nation from where students or skilled professionals urge to migrate to Canada due to Canada’s welcoming ambience ,being a multicultural society. Nevertheless, it is seen that there are a number of students who have to struggle with different English markers and one of them is grammar, most importantly spelling errors that they otherwise make in any other paper- based testing.

Such candidates find themselves fortunate enough to have an availability of CELPIP where they do not need to worry about any spelling error and deduction in scores since CELPIP, as a computer based test automatically corrects spell errors by spell check.

Last but not least, result accuracy is assured by CELPIP. Therefore, one can easily rely on CELPIP to get the most accurate assessment of one's performance in tests.

What CELPIP holds?

Canadian English language proficiency index program is of two types


CELPIP General is designed to assess a candidate's proficiency in four distinct skills: Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing. Test takers who intend to migrate Canada by submitting permanent residence applications and for securing professional designations in any of the sectors in Canada. Duration of taking this test is around 3 hours.

CELPIP General LS on the other hand intends to evaluate test taker’s two English skills: Speaking and Writing rather than four. This test best suits to Candidates wishing to apply for Canadian citizenship. The test lasts for approximately 1 hour 10 minutes.

More about CELPIP:

Not only for foreign nationals, but also an assistant to Canadian experience class : Many candidates who have already studied in Canada or even worked there and possess significant work experience in Canada fall in Canadian class category who also require to meet a certain level of CLB in order to be eligible for different programs offered by Canadian provincial governments to attract people having work experience in Canada to get permanent residence. That is why, Canadian experience class can also avail CELPIP by cracking it and achieving desired CLB level.

What CELPIPSTORE intends to offer?

As far as severity and complexity of the current pandemic situation is concerned, an opportunity to get trained online is what CELPIPSTORE offers individuals going to take CELPIP. This Means, every person is familiar with the problem of COVID-19 which almost every nation is encountering or struggling with.

In this critical situation, it becomes utmost necessary to safeguard ourselves by following guidelines given by the World Health Organization. One of which, social distancing is extremely important. Keeping distance socially (not taking institutional coaching) is the prime preference of every person.

Availability of online tests and coaching websites is convenient for them in one way or another. Among all available websites providing online coaching for CELPIP, CELPIPSTORE is the most reliable, authentic, interesting platform.

Benefits of approaching CELPIPSTORE:

• Cost effectiveness
• Time effectiveness

As one has no need to find an institution for the traditional classroom atmosphere to get through English language, doing it through CELPIPSTORE is comparatively more convenient, time and cost effective as well. Rejecting the need to travel to a coaching institute that fuels online coaching and test assessment.

CELPIPSTORE is one tool which students can utilize to get Online coaching anywhere and any time. Let’s have an example of one candidate who is a regular worker and planning to migrate to Canada on a permanent basis.

In case, he is not given leave for taking coaching from an institute to pass CELPIP, what would he be considering the best option for him in this situation? Well, undoubtedly, he is likely to search for some online website that can help him to crack CELPIP with remarkable grades within a short period of time.

CELPIPSTORE is that platform which meets such desires of candidates. Hence, time flexibility is one merit students tend to get. One can attend online sessions even while travelling, during office breaks or even during sleeping hours. On the other hand, it is highly likely that in classroom coaching, students may miss class due to a scheduled set of hours.

This is to say, as compared to classroom coaching service in an institution, there is more adaptability on CELPIPSTORE. In addition to this, online coaching sites relatively offer reasonable fees to pay. Therefore, an individual can consider his affordability while deciding whether classroom coaching or online coaching is better for him.


CELPIPSTORE is designed to make students familiar with what Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program holds for test takers. What is the formality of the real CELPIP test, what sort of questions test takers have to respond to for each module, what would be the time schedule of the test, are all these queries of students to which CELPIPSTORE solves.

• Students on online CELPIP portals can take a mock test in order to evaluate their level to be assured whether they will get desired scores in real tests or not. CELPIPSTORE ensures students about this by providing most reliable and accurate mock test report.

• It offers unlimited number of practice tests for students to practice reading, listening, writing and speaking skills on regular intervals to boost their performance.

• CELPIPSTORE is aware of any changes, if made in conductance of CELPIP original test and updates its students instantly so that they do not have to encounter any kind of problem during exam being uncomfortable.

• It thoroughly considers each and every single English marker ranging from lexical resources, dictations, comprehensions, grammar and so on.

• CELPIPSTORE is considered the most trustworthy English language skill test by students in terms of authentic evaluation.