CELPIP, A trail leading towards Canada.

Celpip, What is means?

Celpip full form is the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, it is a tool to assess either the person can adapt to the culture of Canada or not. So through this program scheme, they check the proficiency of a person in English speaking and listening as well as writing and reading.

Because if a youngster is migrating to Canada for studies or work, then he/she should be able to understand the instructions of the people there and then revert them easily, so then create a comfortness for both.

Let’s summarize it

Canada is so much superior in education, they give free education to the children below 18 years and some concessions in higher educations a well. Also medical benefits for the whole family under the national insurance policy.

Not only this but one can claim unemployment benefits for self and family too. Canada’s government is doing so much effort for the security and safety of its people. Hence providing the best facilities for the well-fare of the country.

Such developed countries are offering too much. Safety, education, and employment as well. All these things are insisting on people moving from their developing country to developed one.

Not only for themselves but also for the prospects of their children. But moving to a different country and staying there comfortably is not an easy task. Because of the culture gap, we are not very much well-aware about the language and the working environment of the country.

So some youngsters find it difficult to those countries due to the language barrier. One cannot understand the instructions of their co-worker as well as their higher authorities. So it makes them hard to work in that environment.

Not for them but it affects both sides. Same for the studies, if the language gap is their then it will be hard for you to understand the topics. Youngsters who are willing to move to such countries should have some sort of knowledge about the culture and language of the country in which they are migrating.

Canadian Government has made it easy for the people of other countries. The government has organized an exam scheme named as CELPIP. This scheme is to analyze the English language skills of a person as CELPIP full form itself says Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program.


What’s Inside the CELPIP?

For cracking celpip test you should be well-aware of Canadian English. Applicants who will apply for this exam should be sound in English speaking, listening, reading, and writing as indicates in celpip full form.


Celpip Test Types –

It asses the general level English of an applicant. Passing this eaxam is appreciated as a proof of English language competency of those who are applying for Canadian PR.

Format –

  • There are 45-50 minutes celpip listening tests in which the applicant has to listen to the passage and then have to answer the given questions at the screen. It includes listening to problem-solving, Conversations of daily life, to news items and viewpoints.
  • Reading test is of 55-60 minutes which asses the reading skill of the person. The applicant has to read a paragraph and then have to revert the answer according to that paragraph. It includes reading the information, viewpoints and also to applied diagrams as well.
  • There is also a writing test, which is about 53 minutes and includes writing an email, reporting to the questions, describing a scene, etc.
  • The last one is Speaking, where one should have to give an opinion on a specific subject and making predictions, comparing and persuading, etc. This test is of 20 minutes.

Celpip General LS Test –

This test is appreciated by immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada, by measuring their speaking and listening ability of those who are applying for Canadian Citizenship.

Format –

  • It includes 45 minutes of the listening test and 20 minutes of speaking test as same as celpip general test.

Evaluation of Celpip Exam –

Evaluation of  exam including both Celpip-General Test and Celpip General LS test is based upon Canadian Language Benchmark ( CLB ), elaborates down :

This score is between 0 – 12.

0,1,2 = Less and not acceptable information to evaluate

3 = Proficiency is there but in a limited manner

4 = Acceptable proficiency for daily life ventures

5 = Obtaining some perfectness in work and community contexts

6 = Increasing competency in workplace and community aspects.

7 = Acceptable proficiency in workplace and community things

8= Good hold in all modules for workplace and community contexts

9= Worthful in workplace and community

10 = Highly effective

11 = Advanced

12 = Advanced

What’s a Shortlisting Score?

To qualify for the permanent residency of Canada, Applicant should need to score a minimum CLB 7 according to Canadian Language Benchmark ( CLB ).

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