Celpip India Unlocks a gate of opportunities for Indians

Celpip India offers a chance to Indian


Celpip is likely another opportunity for people around the world, who are struggling hard to migrate to Canada and pursue their future in Canada.

A small child sees a dream that one day he will wear that formal suit and pick that bag and will go to the office as all other professional adults do.

Simultaneously that child was even thinking that he will go abroad for studies to be more professional and skilful. These small dreams bring a mature person from a little child.

Everyone works very hard to be a successful person. But due to some crisis, they can’t get that platform to explore his/her knowledge. So they decided to move to other countries to make the best use of their skills.

Same for education, some countries have the best universities and colleges hence their education system is so vast. So some people think to visit those countries for their studies.

Some families move abroad for their earnings as well as for the better prospect of their children. Most people are migrating because due to some crisis, their nation is not developed hence there are less opportunities. So they shift from under-developed to developed countries.

Canada is always attracting visitors from other countries with the impact of its values and services for Canadian citizens.

They are offering study permits and visitors visa, hence giving hard efforts for strengthening Indo-Canadian relations. Indians are very hard working and always brings the best from every assigned task.

They are very keen to be a part of developing technology and have inherent compassion. So to adopt new working culture most Indians have been moving to Canada since 1904.

Those who have a good hold in English and have great sort of communication skills have received permanent residence in Canada. But some are still struggling to get PR as the immigration rules have gone so strict likewise for newcomers as well.

But there are no more complexities remain. Canada Government has introduced a computer-based online exam in India, which is the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program.

Its is flaring an amazing opportunity for people in India. Celpip India is a very supporting step taken by the Canadian Government, now people here in India will not stuck more in immigration formalities and other complex rules. Just crack the Celpip test and fly to Canada for converting your dreams into reality.

What Celpip demands from Indian Individuals?

Celpip India wants an Indian individual to be an expert in almost all aspects of the English language i:e listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Although most Indian people have a good hold in the English language, but for CELPIP they have to be very proficient in Canadian English. 

Reason –

People are relocating from India however they are still struggling due to language hurdles. If one can’t comprehend the wording of a collaborator likewise can’t educate the instruction to them who are working under. So things will be difficult to deal with.

That is the reason the Canadian Government needs that the migrants should be very much aware of the English language. It will keep up a decent domain on both sides.

If one has good confidence in his/her English skills then should make try for the test offered by CELPIP India.

If they are not that much confident about their speaking skills or any other module then there are several training institutes delivering coaching related to the exam.

For Indians, it is the best stage. Because there are lots of immigrants already staying there in Canada with their study visa or work permit.

So, they will easily get jell up with the Canadian environment. Indian people who have a dream to stay in Canada then there will be no better platform for them except for celpip India.

Statics of Celpip India –

Canada has presented a celpip general test for Indians. It assesses the candidate’s English tuning in, speaking, writing, and understanding aptitudes and open the ways for permanent residence application and professional designations.

This exam costs rupees 10,845.00 + Taxes

Test appearance will include

Time duration – Test will be near about 3 hours and all sessions are included. There is no separate celpip speaking session. The candidate can finish the test in a single sitting session.

Approvals – Celpip General test for permanent residence is approved by the IRCC department of the Canadian Government with all responsibilities.

Mode of Exam Celpip India is a computer-based test. Hence one can find the word counter and spell-checker which saves time and make the environment more comfortable for candidates.

Feedback – Candidate will get test feedback in 5 working days. Mail will be sent to candidate whenever the result will get declared. Candidate can check the CLB score at its celpip account.


Celpip Score – 

In the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, the marking and shortlisting will be based on CLB. CLB stands for Canadian Language Benchmark. To get chartered for permanent residence of Canada, the celpip score should be above CLB 7.

Celpip score varies between CLB1 – CLB 12. In which equal to and above CLB 7 score is representing the applicant has good and affordable proficiency in English among working and community context. You may know more detailed information about Celpip also.

The shortlisting process also varies according to work experience or freshers. If any immigrant is already staying in Canada with a work permit visa and has applied for Celpip then there is a separate method.

  • For Canada experience class

Celpip speaking and Listening: CLB 5 

English reading and writing: CLB 4

  • To qualify for Canada experience class through express entry, the applicant should have 12 months of working experience in Canada.
  • If the applicant has no experience then CLB 7 is required for NOC 0 & A jobs and for NOC B jobs CLB 5 is required.

National Occupational Qualification ( NOC ) is a process of quality jobs. It is based upon the duties and individual work. This process falls into skill grades :

NOC 0 – Managements jobs i:e Managers at Restaurants, Mine managers, etc.

NOC A – Jobs based on degrees: Doctor, architect, etc

NOC B – Technical jobs: Chef, plumber, electrician, etc.

For PR, the applicant must have a skill type of NOC 0, A, B.

Register free here and attempt a celpip mock test. You will get the instant result here at celpipstore. If your score level is less then CLB 7 then you need to practice more. Every CLB Level defines your proficiency. Hence you can find out how more you need to improve. In other words, can say you need to improve youe English Skills.

Celpipstore offers online coaching as well as practice sessions. There are various institutes out there but we know our time value. We are at the stage where we have so many responsibilities.

Some are busy in their study routines and some are working for their earning. So we have to compromise with our daily routine to visit such training institutions.

What if we get these sessions online. Is not it beneficial?

Let’s get into depth –

  • We are living in a world where almost every work is being done on the computer. So we all are used to it, hence we can also use it for our self-training. We watch dance tutorials, exercises, and other valuable things on the web. Surely we can get our training session here on the web also. It will create a comfortable environment as well as easy access from anywhere i:e traveling in metro or free time in office. So we can make it done.
  • As we know if a cricketer will practice in the same pitch where he/she will going to play the actual match then obviously that cricketer will do better in that match. Same for the exam, if we will be prepared and practice our exam at interface resembled the actual exam so we will find it very helpful while giving the actual test.
  • If we will be able to attend an interactive online session where we will have an ocean to learn and also get some sample papers to practice at a very affordable fee. I think there will be nothing better than this for us.

Let just not waste more time. Your phone’s browser URL is empty. Fill it with and register free. There is a lot more to learn. More we will learn better we will develop.

How worthy celpipstore is?

  • Join free at celpipstore and attend a celpip mock test without any charges.
  • Celpipstore interface will offer a three version of the test. Where you can practice by the individual questions, you can choose a section prepare or you can go for the entire test. With this, you can practice briefly.
  • Getting trained online through a mobile phone is a time-saving task. You don’t need to travel up to a distance to join the session at a training institute. Also, it will save the money that you will invest in traveling to the coaching center.
  • Celpipstore is worthy because the situation right now is very complex and compromising due to pandemic. People from every nation have not allowed coming out of their houses. This has to be done for personal as well as the safety of the people nearby. Hence online practicing is very helpful at this stage, even schools & colleges are making efforts to tutor the students through online classes. We all are hoping the situation gets fine as back time, but we can even take advantage of this time too.


Celpip India a perfect stage for Indian people who are willing to stay in Canada, one of the developed countries, and has a great educational hub.

The number of students in India is looking forward to pursuing their post-graduation in Canada. So they can get professional degrees for their futuristic scope.

Once in a while, you appreciate being in a foreign country so much that you never need to leave. On the off chance that you conclude that you love Canada enough to live there after your investigation abroad experience, at that point you may consider moving to Canada after receiving your degree and getting, in any event, a time of work understanding.

Canadian movement licenses understudies to live in Canada for as long as three years after graduation, which is all that anyone could need time to look for and secure an occupation.

When you have a vocation, accepting lasting residency status gets simpler if you fit the bill for it. When you meet the base capabilities, you may apply for a visa for permanent residency.

Whenever approved, at that point you can live in Canada for an amazing remainder and this will fill in as an entryway to more significant compensations promoting a better way of life and facilities.

So make your call and choose the best for you. Greetings to Indians at Celpipstore. We are ready to bring out an English language expert from you. 

Join today and try the Celpip mock tests.

All the very best, Be at home and boost your immune system