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Let’s enter in Celpip World

Canadian English Language Proficiency Program, also known as Celpip.

It is a secure and contented way to the students who want to migrate to Canada for further studies.

Numbers of students have already initiated the Celpip Preparation through different portals and some are willing to go to Canada for futuristic scope but are still confused and looking for the easiest way through immigration hubs.

People from India and other countries have been moving towards Canada for the last many decades.

They have flowed the rivers of money for getting a student visa as well as a work permit.

But many of them are still struggling for Permanent Residence or citizenship in Canada.

Permanent Residence card will let you live freely, work, and study in any territory of Canada.

Let’s discuss with some important points :

  • Those who have PR of Canada can be facilitated with free education of their children up to 18 years of age. Also for higher education, they will be charged fewer universities and college fees as compared to the immigrants from other countries.
  • All permanent residents have the right to adopt Canada’s healthcare and social services. As Canadian healthcare is universal, hence one will be accessible for free medication.
  • A PR holder can sponsor his/her spouse and dependent children to join Canada.
  • Even international students can apply for Permanent Residence through the schemes of Canadian Experience Class, Ontario immigrant nominee program, and Federal skilled worker program.

These were some of the advantages that are being offered by the Canadian Government to the permanent residents

We are additionally at the phase where we need to make significant strides in our life, it can either take us to disappointment or achievement.

However, we should consider practically all cutting edge perspectives. If we are thinking about higher studies at that point where we will get the quality education hub.

On the off chance that we are eager to work abroad, at that point which nation is offering the best stage to the worldwide specialists thus a lot more things.

For each Indian, Canada is consistently the priority in light of the fact that there are several individuals previously living in Canada consequently every Indian will find a homely experience there.

Also, Canada is very much superior and offering too many opportunities to outsiders. Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program is the best chance that is being offered by the Canadian Government for the immigrants. This program enables the immigrant to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Celpip offers two types of tests:

  • Celpip General Test – 3 hours duration
  • Celpip General-LS Test – 1-hour duration

Which test is for you?

  • For the individuals who are freshers and applying for the first time. They need to go with celpip general test. It assesses the general level English of the up-and-comer applying for understudy visa and work license. Passing this exam is considered as evidence of English language competency of the individuals who are applying for Canadian Permanent Residence. It evaluates the English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills of the test performer required for PR application.

Basically, It is for you, who intending to migrate Canada from their own country.

  • If you have just been living in Canada for the most recent couple of years and have a permanent residence card. However, you also anticipating apply for Canadian citizenship, at that point Celpip – General LS test is programmed for you. It is an IRCC endorsed test for the Canadian citizenship application.

It is for you, who are struggling to grab the Canadian citizenship.

Celpip Preparation –

Celpip exam is all about being extremely sound in Canadian English. This test includes 4 different modules, English listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Applicants should have been superior in every module to get shortlisted for PR application. For this, he/she has to prepare individually on every module.

There are different portals on the web for celpip preparation. Celpipstore is among the well-known online solution for Celpip. You will get offered plenty of tests related to all four modules.

Listening Practice – Here you will find the practice sessions for improving your listening skills. If you can listen to someone’s instructions or queries only then you will revert with solutions. This practice session will offer you different tasks i:e listening to problem-solving, listening to daily life conversation, listening to new items, etc. Practising the number of tests based on different situations will surely improvise the English listening ability of the candidate.

Reading practice – Reading correspondence, reading to viewpoints and information will create a great impact on the reading skills of the applicant. While working in Canada, you should be able to read the mail and other notices presented by higher authorities. So that you can provide valuable feedback in response. Hence boost your reading techniques by practising at celpipstore.

Writing practice – While working in a company, we have to write several emails on a daily bases. Our mail and response to other’s mail should be effective and easily adaptable by the reader. So we just have to be good in English writing. Join the tasks offered at celpipstore and boost your English writing skills.

Speaking practice – English listening, reading, writing is a difficult task, one can even manage these aspects. But English speaking is always the biggest challenge for every individual. It is the most important section in celpip preparation If you are not able to make someone understand your advice and viewpoints then you will never any opportunity and then survival will be difficult. So put more effort into speaking. Practice the tasks offered at celpip store i:e giving advice, talking about a personal experience, expressing opinions. Surely you will gonna see a change in yourself after practising for infinite times.

Celpip Online Coaching vs Institutional Training 

Thousand of institutions are doing well in helping the applicants for celpip preparation. They settled well-educated staff of trainers as we as instructors. Likewise, online coaching is very flexible and social interactions.

Elavorated –

Flexibility – Since celpip online coaching can be taken whenever and anyplace, there is no separate planning needed. You can join the online practice sessions while travelling or in your free office time. Online test arrangement is incredible for working experts, who have family obligations or who are shuffling different tests at the same time.

compared to online coaching, institutional classes give less adaptability. The class hours are fixed and must be gone to a fixed time. This gets troublesome in case you’re a working proficient.

Schedule Celpip online coaching has no set schedule. One can join the sessions anywhere at any time. Online classes can also be analyses again and again.

Where in institutional training, there is a fixed schedule. Due to busy schedules, some time student misses their classes.

Expenses – If you are getting training from online portals, then the only thing you need is an online coaching fee and internet connectivity cost. Online training portables are offering sessions at very affordable rates.

For coaching classes, you have to manage travelling expenses, stationery, and also including institutional fees. So online coaching is much reasonable then institutional training.

Same for celpipstore, as it is also an online training portal for the people around the world. To initiate your celpip online coaching from today. Fill your URL with and enter to the ocean of practicing tasks related to all modules of the exam.

Make a start with

  • Mock test – At celpip store after getting successfully register, you must give a short to the sample test by clicking, which resembled the test format of the Canadian language proficiency index program. By doing this you can get to know about the actual test format and also your timing gaps. You will also get experience with the sections that will come across your way on test day.
  • Find different numbers of practicing tasks at celpip store and uplift your celpip preparation.
  • The latest questions are always being uploaded at celpipstore which enables you to find the alterations occurring in celpip concerning time.
  • Except for test practice, you get access to the competitive English section, which enables you to improve your daily life English usable phrases i:e vocabulary, dictations, comprehensions, etc.

Celpip Registration –

Registration  should be possible in three different ways:

  • Online
  • Through mail
  • Face to face

Online registration is for those individuals who are living out of Canada and will be giving the test from other countries.

While online registration, the candidate should register with the valid identity document, and also on the day of the test, he/she must bring the same original hard file of the identity document that they have used during registration. Make sure that the identity proof should be original, valid, and unexpired.

Candidates who do not provide the valid identity proof will not be further eligible to sit for the exam.

Steps to be noted for online celpip registration :

  • Visit the official site of the CELPIP.
  • Present all your fundamental subtleties.
  • Select the test date and focus.
  • Submit the fee online.

After registration, the candidate will receive an e-mail on the mail account that he/she used during registration. This email is to ensure you about your successful registration of the exam. Mail also includes the registration number, name of the candidate, sitting plan, and identification proof information.

The applicant should bring the hard copy of the mail on the day of the test to make it easy to settle up in the examination hall.

Registration fee –

Cost of celpip- General test in India is INR 10845

In USA, Its $285CAD + Taxes

Celpip test fee in Canada is $265 + Taxes

Centers for Test

There are more than 60 test centres around the world including Canada. Though, there are only two centres in India ( Chandigarh and Delhi ).

Everyone is in the race towards success. Some are getting the best opportunities to explore in their nation, however, some are still lagging in the various domain due to less-employment and un-healthy economical condition of the country.

India is still a developing country, people are leading a compromising life. Some are visiting abroad along with the family for a better future. Some have got stuck in different countries due to visa conditions.

By looking at this, we can easily imagine the stress and discomfort people are facing. Even though some countries are flaring opportunities on different platforms.

Canada is named at the top while we start discussing the developed countries. Canadian Government has opened the ways for people from different countries to come and explore the skills.

Now they are have offered this Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program through which they have brought a chance for an individual to become a permanent resident of Canada.

So it’s not a time to stay back, the chance after which you have been running for the past many years. That chance has now turned into at ease. Don’t waste much time thinking.

Give a try to this Canadian program and remove the barriers stopping you to be a part of Canada.

Register today and start practising. This is the best time to get prepared for the exam. Find online coaching sessions and become superiors before the actual exam.

All the very best

Be at home and Keep learning.